Eco Friendly Pest Control in Greater Cincinnati

Eco-Friendly Pest ControlHave pests? Hooper Pest Control will be there to take care of all of your needs that are “bugging” you.  When they arrive at your home, careful steps are taken to ensure these pests will never return.  The technology used for natural pest control is derived from natural plant oils. These essential oils have been used by plants and trees for centuries as protection against insects.
hands-environmentOur Green Service Program features products made from plants, trees and even fossils. The products made from plants and trees have active plant oil ingredients that target and block a key neurotransmitter receptor site called octopamine, which is only found in insects. Mammals do not have receptors for octopamine, so our organic pest control products have no adverse effects on humans or pets. We also use a dust that is made up of microscopic fossils which works as a desiccant, when an insect walks through the ‘dust’ it scratches open the underside of the insect causing it to dehydrate and die. Another non-chemical treatment we use is steam, heat is a very effective tool in treating for bed bugs. Heat is also the only sure way to kill bed bug eggs.

Inspection, Evaluation, Implementation

Go Green With Hooper EcoGreen – Hooper’s Natural Pest Control consists of the following steps: Inspection – Situations are identified. What created the environment suitable to pests, i.e. its’ likely damp surroundings? Hooper will use or suggest non-chemical methods to block these elements which pests need to survive. Results of the inspection are communicated within their multi-inspection report. Evaluation – Based upon the inspection results, Hooper will determine the appropriate maintenance and/or sanitation opportunities to be pursued. Also, the determination will be made on which products will be used for the Natural Pest Control program. Implementation –  This stage incorporates both non-chemical methods, in addition to organic products, to correct pest issues and prevent further infestations. EcoGreen is recommended for use in schools, medical offices, veterinary clinics, or any setting where pests may exist.

Cincinnati Pest Control Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a careful decision-making process Hooper follows while talking to the homeowner. Components discussed: An education of the invading bug, how to properly dispose of waste, structural repair and maintenance needs, to control techniques and pesticide applications. First, the home is inspected, when the pest(s) will be identified and their living conditions determined. Further along in the process, the area is sanitized, and if necessary, pesticides may be applied. Lastly, a process evaluation takes place, and it is continuously monitored to ensure its efficiency and longevity.

There are various benefits to the IPM process: Future prevention of pests, less reliance on pesticides, improved home care measures, and effective, environmentally-friendly protection. IPM insIPM - Integrated Pest Managementpections are made regularly and under careful supervision. When pesticides are involved, special precautions are taken, ensuring minimal risk of exposure to the environment.

Forget what to do if confronted with a pest problem? No worries, Hooper offers in-house and community-wide training. Furthermore, they are licensed in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, with training updates taking place throughout each year, ensuring the safest, up-to-date, and effective processes used in pest control. Hooper Termite and Pest Control is the best choice for schools, medical offices, veterinary clinics and any setting where pests exist and chemicals are not an option. Our trained technicians can personalize an IPM for all your pest control needs.