Roach Problems?

Dead cockroach.Roaches are one of the oldest and most primitive insects, surviving millions of years of evolutionary changes. It’s no surprise that humans find their odor and destructiveness offensive. Roaches are omnivorous nocturnal insects who hide during daylight hours and feed at night.

German Cockroach
German Cockroach photo, courtesy Sarah Camp

They can be found in damp, wet places such as under kitchen and bathroom cabinets, under floors and inside walls. Some have even been known to crawl into ceiling lights such is their ability to access a hiding and breeding place. Most homeowners are appalled to find a roach infestation in their home. For commercial buildings, roaches crawling into personal belongings, under desks and in supply cabinets, closets and storerooms strengthens the problem of infestation. Generally, the do it yourself homeowner will attempt to exterminate roaches through the use of roach sprays, powders and pastes. The difficulty here is reaching areas with these methods that are hidden and fully infested. Also, there are several other problems that should be addressed: whether these applications are hazardous to humans and pets and long-term contamination from chemicals used for extermination. After several failed attempts, a homeowner may choose a professional exterminator. That’s where we come in; call Hooper Pest Control for all of you Cincinnati roach extermination needs.

Professional Roach Extermination by Hooper Pest Control

Choose a professional exterminator with as much care as you would any residential service representative. Select a company with good business credentials. Check to insure that each exterminator is licensed by the state regulatory agency. This will prevent less experienced individuals from endangering your home to unnecessary exposure to extermination methods that can be harmful to your family’s health. If an infestation is severe, a few hours evacuation may be necessary, followed by a full and complete airing of the premises, just as you would for interior painting or floor sanding. Hooper Pest Control provides control for all types of cockroaches in the Cincinnati area. Additionally, we will provide a complete list of follow-up actions by inhabitants to avoid unnecessary contact with contaminants. Usually, one application by Hooper Pest Control is all that is required for a less resistant infestation. However, most often we will provide a second application to be sure that the infestation is controlled.

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