Pest Control in Cincinnati, Ohio

Hooper Pest and Termite Control serves the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area, and has been doing so for over 50 years.

Many people, when moving to another area, need to start a pest control service with a new company. Many who have had a smaller, family-owned business would like to continue to use a smaller company. However, because they dealt with a smaller company in the past, they would like to continue doing the same thing.

Perhaps you are have recently moved to Cincinnati Ohio, or are planning to move to the Queen City in the near future. Therefore, if you are moving to the city of Cincinnati, its suburbs, Northern Kentucky, or Southeast Indiana, call Hooper Pest Control for your pest control needs!

We at Hooper Pest Control are proud to serve the City of Cincinnati. Owner Tom Hooper worked for the Health Department, helping to bring the bedbug population under control. He even started the bed bug task force, which is now the The Cincinnati, Ohio / Hamilton County Joint Bed Bug Task Force Strategic Plan.

Cincinnati, Ohio was once on the top of the list for bed bugs in the entire nation. As a matter of fact, at one time, three cities in Ohio were in the same top ten list, with Cincinnati at the very top.

More recently, however, Cincinnati has been in the news much less than it was before for bed bugs. It appears that the Cincinnati, Ohio / Hamilton County Joint Bed Bug Task force, along with qualified pest control companies like Hooper Pest Control, have played a vital role in the success of lower the bed bug population.

Yes, bedbugs are certainly a reality in Cincinnati. Of course, here in the Queen City, we like to be known more many of the great qualities the Cincinnati, Ohio area has to offer!

In the past few years, Cincinnati has seen quite a bit of economical development. Visitors to the city enjoy our professional sports teams, including the Cincinnati Redwine, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cincinnati Cyclones.

The Cincinnati Business Courier noted last year that “Overall, Cincinnati was No. 25 in “sociodemographics” rank, No. 3 in housing stats rank, No. 1 in economic stats rank and No. 16 in education stats rank when compared to the nation as a whole.”

There are many other great qualities about Cincinnati, Ohio. Visitors and residents alike enjoy downtown Cincinnati, a revitalized Over The Rhine, The Banks, Fountain Square, the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, its many restaurants featuring a variety of cuisine.

Apparently, some pests still enjoy living in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Some of the more common pests are termites, carpenter ants, mice, and cockroaches. They seem to be enjoying our city as well! However, they don’t need to enjoy living in your home or invading your business.

When moving to Cincinnati, your top priority may not be protecting your home from insects and other pests. Hopper Pest and Termite Control, however, makes the process easy for you. Simply give us a call and we will give you a free consultation, either over the phone, or give you a free inspection. We can then customize a pest control protection program specifically for you.

Also, for those who are on our year-round pest control program receive additional treatment between regularly scheduled services should pest issues arise between visits. Call us for the specific details of your pest control program.

Additionally, if you are concerned about termites entering your house, we have programs to protect your home as well. Receive a free termite consultation to see how we can best protect your home from these destructive pests.

Hooper Termite and Pest Control wants you to enjoy our great city! Enjoy Cincinnati’s rich heritage, its plays, the symphony, cuisine and more. Relax, enjoy the Queen City and let Hooper take care of your pest issues!

Pest Control Cincinnati, Ohio
Pest Control Cincinnati, Ohio