Springtime Pests

“Hope Springs Eternal” as novelist Alexander Pope once penned, and we know that hope will never go out as long as seed catalogues keep arriving in the mail. Spring time is when life appears to be rousing out of a winter’s sleep, ready to start anew. March is when spring officially starts, and insects and rodents begin higher levels of activity. So treating these emerging pests before they become nuisance is important.

 Some home and business owners begin spring treatments on their own, Do-it-yourself measures sometimes cause problems like the scattering of the bugs, or even worse can actually be dangerous because of misuse of pesticides. If you try to do it yourself, make sure the product is labeled for the intended pest and read the label completely.

 Success Story:

Hooper Pest Control received a call on Ants on the interior of a Home; the Homeowner said she saw ants on the floor and on the living room window sill. We identified the Ants as Carpenter Ants, during an inspection we observed Carpenter Ants under landscape rocks in front of the window, next to landscape timbers, across the drive around a stack of firewood, and navigating up & down trees close to the house. Treatment; Drill small holes next under window sill, inject non-repellant foam/residual to control ants in wall void, treated perimeter of home with non-repellant, used granular baited perimeter of house, around firewood, beds around trees. One treatment controlled Carpenter Ants. Received A Rating on Angie’s List for this Service.