Notable Ants: Mycocepurus Smithii

Part two of our notable ants from around the world highlights the Mycocepurus Smithii ant.

The Mycocepurus Smithii ants are native to South America and are reputed to exist in colonies made up of only females. They reproduce asexually. The ants cultivate gardens of fungus within their colonies on foraged green matter dragged to the nests. They can also grow this fungus on dead insects that they bring to the colony. As of current research, these ants have no known effects on humans, be it positive or negative. They live in grasslands and rainforests.

More about Mycocepurus Smithii:

  • Only the queens reproduce.
  • Build nests made of leaves and caterpillar droppings.
  • Queens will leave the nest, carrying fungus on her wings to start new colonies.